PreMark's modules and panels are the mechanical frames that hold loose, dry media. They are available in metal, refillable, disposable, and honeycomb styles. These modules are building blocks for air scrubber system designs. Panels are available in almost any size, any metal and disposable honeycomb. Replacement of existing modules is available - just give us the size, thickness and media required.

Refillable: PMA 12 and PMA 18

PMA 12 & PMA 18 Refillables meet industry standard sizes and exceed them with ease of use and solid construction in steel. These are available pre-filled with customer specified media. Construction is standard mild steel with epoxy paint. They are also available in 304 stainless steel.

Dimensions (Nominal):

PMA 12

12" h x 24" w x 12" d

3" media bed depth

PMA 18

6" h x 24" w x 18" d

1" media bed depth

Disposable: PMD 12 and PMD 18

PMD 12 & PMD 18 Disposables meet industry standard sizes with the added convenience of plastic disposability. Disposables come pre filled with customer specified media. The PMD12 comes as 2 half-modules per set for easier handling at the installation.

Dimensions (Nominal):

PMD 12

12" h x 12" w x 12" d

3" media bed depth

PMD 18

6" h x 12" w x 18" d

1" media bed depth

Refillable Steel Panel Trays

Refillable Steel Trays are available in standard and custom sizes and come filled with media or empty. They are made of mild steel and epoxy painted for corrosion resistance.