There is a wide variety of housing designs to suit all application requirements. ProMark can design and build the right equipment for application. Below are some of the standard designs we have supplied. Deep beds, side access housings, room air filters and pressurization units can hold any of the ProGuard media. Standard modules can be used as the design building block to accommodate your contaminant level and air flow needs.

Side Access Housings (SAH)

Side Access Housings are built to client specification from a standardized design. SAHs can include multiple stages of filtration, fans and media to solve a wide range of IAQ problems. Media is held in modules or panels that slide in on tracks and are accessed through hinged side doors.

Deep Bed Scrubbers

Deep Bed Scrubbers are used for heavy duty gas and particulate filtration in industrial plants. Scrubbers can be built with A/C, self-cleaning first stage for severe particle loads, multiple media stages, pressurization and heating to include all aspects of HVAC requirements. They can also be configured to take some air for re circulation scrubbing. Beds are deep and residence times are high.

RP Series

These room air filtration systems are designed to remove corrosive and odorous gas and particulates. Design flexibility gives you the option of three different kinds of gas phase media in each unit. Dust particles are removed to hospital grade levels by the final HEPA filter. Heating, cooling, UV, room pressurization control are all easily added options.

Standard construction material is 304 stainless steel.

Vertical Tub Scrubbers

ProMark¹s Vertical Tub Scrubbers (VTS) have been designed to purify the air for wastewater, industrial and commercial applications where the point source contaminants can be captured and eliminated. The scrubbers are simple and flexible in application and hold high volumes of media.
Excellent airflow to media ratios lead to high residence times that result in complete gas removal and long periods between media change outs. The VTS units can be used to scrub exhaust gases before venting to atmosphere, to scrub air from the outside that is being used to pressurize an enclosed space, or as a re circulation scrubber.

The VTS holds more media than competitive units and is constructed of 316 stainless steel. VTS units come in several sizes to accommodate a range of air flows. A standard unit has corrosion resistant fans but can be purchased as a passive scrubber for low flows.

Drum Scrubbers

ProMark's Vapor-Sorb Cubes are ideal for scrubbing exhaust gases from fume hoods in laboratories, wastewater lift stations, process streams and other low volume air flows with periodic high gas concentrations. ProMark has a version designed for liquid phase contaminant removal as well. There are three standard flow rates from which to choose.