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Earp Filtration

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long have you been in the filter business?
A. I have been in this field for over 25 years. I started out as a salesman with a small HVAC filtration company located in Houston, TX. Over the years, in order to satisfy customers I branched out into other filtration applications.
Q. When did you move to Northeast Arkansas?
A. I relocated to NEA around January 2006. From Missouri where I still travel frequently to serve their needs along with the needs of NEA.
Q. What kind of company is Earp Filtration?
A. Earp Filtration is a “one-source” after market filtration company, with a complete line of filters for all industrial and commercial applications. We also feature the award winning Total Spectrum™ filtration system.
Q. Why did you decided to start your own company after 25+ years of working in the field?
A. I decided to start Earp Filtration to satisfy customer needs that I have supplied over the years. I also felt that I could provide better one on one customer service than a large corporation.
Q. What brought you to NEA?
A. I relocated to NEA to take a management position with an industrial manufacturing company. Shortly after that, old customers who were unhappy with their present supplier, started contacting me. I was asked to help them find the products they needed. In order to offer the products and service I feel is needed, I decided that I should start up my own company.
Q. When was Earp Filtration founded?
A. We were founded in August 2006.
Q. What is Earp Filtration’s Goal?
A. The goal of Earp Filtration is to supply a full range of industrial and commercial filtration products. We want to offer high quality products with competitive prices. All efforts are made to use “American Made” products.
Q. Why is Earp Filtration the right company for my needs?
A. We feel Earp Filtration is unique in the fact that not only do we offer a “complete” filtration line of products but we are able to offer the technical service. This insures our customers are using the right product for each application.
Q. Is there any type of service you do not offer?
A. Currently we do not offer any products for residential needs.