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Earp Filtration

Total Spectrum


Total Spectrum™

Total Spectrum® Air Purification System (patent pending) is a breakthrough technology that dramatically increases the effectiveness of conventional, media-based air filtration. The result is a powerful chemical destruction system for any type of polluted indoor air. The Total’s design concept is flexible enough to be effective in industrial environments, such as refineries, mines, mills, and wastewater plants, as well as offices, bars, restaurants, casinos, hotels, and homes. Total Spectrum is capable of removing airborne pollutants down to levels of outside air or better. This permits HVAC systems to use more re-circulated air scrubbed by Total Spectrum® and less energy-consuming outside air.


Offers Advantages in Air Purification

  • Reduces all odorous and hazardous air pollutants to outside air or better levels
  • Maintains high removal efficiency of gases to keep air at cleanest level
  • Provides very high single-pass efficiency of gas removal
  • Destroys health threats such as molds, viruses, bacteria and allergens
  • Removes particulates down to desired levels
  • Incorporates patented technology that efficiently regenerates the media bed daily
  • Scales up or down to meet any airflow demand and can be retrofitted to existing systems
  • Includes controls to ensure safe operation
  • Does not produce harmful emissions

Produces Energy and Cost Savings

Total Spectrum offers significant reduction in energy consumption-with far more consistent and better air quality than traditional systems. It features a built-in recovery system, so the filtration process never wanes or performs at a lower level like traditional media-based systems. It also completely cleans indoor air which can then be re-circulated, significantly reducing the amount of outside air required which lowers energy costs.

Adaptable For All Markets
Total Spectrum is the system of choice for solving air quality challenges in commercial, industrial, and residential markets, such as refineries, steel mills, wastewater plants, airports, casinos, office and commercial buildings, hospitals, sites with homeland security concerns, and green buildings.

Award-Winning Design that Delivers
The Total Spectrum air purification system at the Dubuque Greyhound Park & Casino in Dubuque, Iowa, has saved energy and expense, and contributed to higher customer traffic, increased revenue and happier, healthier employees. Results from this installation, which were gathered and documented by an independent testing firm, helped earn Promark's Total Spectrum the following awards:

  • 2006 AHR Innovation Award for Indoor Air Quality
  • 2006 Excellence in Engineering Award, ASHRAE Illinois Chapter
  • 2005-2006 ASHRAE Region VI Technology Award for New Commercial Buildings - Honorable Mention
  • G2E Institute's 2006 Gaming Vision Award for Outstanding Achievement in Environmental Design(Dubuque Greyhound Park & Casino)
  •  2006 Chicago Innovation Awards Nominee



The right media for your facility should be selected based on the contaminant gases present, concentration levels, airflow requirements, environmental concerns and room design considerations. ProMark's technical support team and wide range of media products guarantee your gas phase filtration requirements will be met.


ProMark's modules and panels are the mechanical frames that hold loose, dry media. They are available in metal, refillable, disposable, and honeycomb styles. These modules are building blocks for air scrubber system designs. Panels are available in almost any size, any metal and disposable honeycomb. Replacement of existing modules is available - just give us the size, thickness and media required.

There is a wide variety of housing designs to suit all application requirements. ProMark can design and build the right equipment for application. Below are some of the standard designs we have supplied. Deep beds, side access housings, room air filters and pressurization units can hold any of the ProGuard media. Standard modules can be used as the design building block to accommodate your contaminant level and air flow needs.

ProMark's filters all meet or exceed industry standards.