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Earp Filtration




ProMark's filters all meet or exceed industry standards.

PPDmax Filter

Eureka! The PPDmax filter removes dirt, gases and odors without the usual high pressure drop. ProMark's new patented filter design can replace plain filters in commercial air handling units (AHUs) while adding significant gas phase capacity.

The PPDmax holds 40% more media and has 50% more available removal capacity with less pressure drop than competitive filters and the PPDmax is disposable. Pressure drop at 500 fpm is .38 IWG. The PPDmax¹s revolutionary design saves energy and makes it easier to solve odor and fresh air problems.

PMA 90 Final Filters

The PMA 90 replaces standard 5 inch deep final filters. It has twice the media content of competitors filters and lasts twice as long. It is a true 95% filter that provides higher performance, lower pressure drops, and longer life at a competitive price. Filter is bi-directional with guard screen both up and down stream.

Dimensions (Nominal):
PMA 90.4 24" h x 24" w x 5" d
PMA 90.2 12" h x 24" w x 5" d

Carbon Bonded Disposables

Carbon Bonded Disposables replace refillable panels/trays. The bonded carbon design eliminates the perforated metal required for loose pellets. No labor is required to empty or fill modules. This filter is available in standard and custom sizes.

Honeycomb Disposables

Honeycomb Disposables come in many sizes and can be filled with a variety of media to address specific gas phase needs. The honeycomb internal structure ensures even distribution of media over the whole panel in an economical, disposable format.

PMA Retro

PMA Retro filter modules are designed to fit in existing air handling systems in order to add gas phase capabilities. The Retro is designed with 1" header to replace ridged or bag filters providing gas contaminant control. The housing is permanent and the 8 trays are either refillable or honeycomb disposable. Any ProGuard media can be used and trays come pre filled.