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Earp Filtration
Earp Filtration was founded in 2006 in order to better serve the filtration needs of the commercial/industrial market. Earp Filtration founder, Wyatt Earp, having spent more then 25 years as a sales representative in the filtration industry, uses his expertise to deliver the most cost effective solutions to industrial filtration needs.

Earp Filtration is a supplier of OEM and aftermarket filters for HVAC, hydraulic, coating and painting, compressor, microbial and mold control and other applications, as well as complete dust collection, oil mist collection, bag and cartridges as well as industrial air cleaning systems. Today, Earp Filtration is an established provider of industrial filtration products, air purification products, air purification solutions, including gas phase filtration media, equipment, and the award winning Total Spectrum™ air purification systems.

Earp Filtration is committed to ensuring that our customers have the best products available for their respective needs.