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Earp Filtration

Poly Ring Panels & Links


Internally Supported Panel Filters

• Internally supported polyester panel filters designed for general HVAC, paint spray booths, and fan coil units.
• 5 styles available MG200 3 Ply, MG300 3 Ply, MG400 4 Ply, MG550 3 Ply, MG600 Diffusion Panel.
• Self-sealing design eliminates air bypass, no clips required.
• Available in single panels and link panels.
• Excellent for rooftops and other high moisture applications.
• Slip on Sleeve style also available.

ASHRAE Efficiencies: 20%–60%.
MERV Rating: 7–11
CONSULT BULLETIN NOS. K-902, PB-798-3, K-892, K-892-1, K-892-2, K-892-3, K-892-5, K-892-6.